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    Grant Morrison caps off his Batman run with this final issue of Batman Incorporated #13. Talia, The Batcave, Damian still dead. Long live Batman and Son! Art by the amazing Chris Burnham. … Star Trek: After Darkness movie tie-in concludes in the producer Robert Orci-blessed Star Trek #23 as Spock is hot with Pon Farr! … Aw Yeah, Green Team Teen Trillionaires #3 by Art & Franco co-stars Deathstroke the Terminator! Being the 1% with a conscience is way hard! #BestFriends4Ever! … Picks this week from

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    Aw, Yeah New 52! Our favorite all ages comic artist/writer team and famous cartoonists Art Baltazar and Franco put down the pen and pick up the typewriter for Green Team Teen Trillionaires #1 this week. Let the 1% finance your next important project! They’ve got more money than Scrooge McDuck! Art by Ig Guara … What’s going on with the glitchy tech in Mega City One? Judge Dredd investigates while being targeted for being killed by a fellow Judge. Judge Dredd #7 from Duane Swierczynski is THE LAW this week! … A new take on Little Red Riding hood takes the form of Akaneiro #1 from Dark Horse, based on American McGee’s new Spicy Horse video Game and Japanese folklore. … Picks

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    Sookie Sookie now! Vampires, mindreaders and Daredevil’s Ann Nocenti are more than enough reasons to pick up the new ongoing True Blood series from IDW. Issue #1 sucks your wallet dry of $3.99. … Youngblood is Rob Liefeld’s team superhero book held over from Image Comic’s inception 20 years ago. Issue #71 is an all-new look at the team from screenwriter John McLaughlin and Liefeld. Get caught up on the front lines of the Image Revolution 20 years on. … Conspiracy theorists are right, we are watching you so put down that coffee! Get paranoid with the debut issue of Mind MGMT from Matt Kindt (3 Story). Talking dolphins and weaponized psychics haunt and bewilder a young journalist on search for the truth. … Picks this week from

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    Ya like comics? Check out Clay’s interview with Richard Stevens of the Diesel Sweeties webcomic! EARTH PRIME TIME: DIESEL SWEETIES: INTERVIEW WITH RSTEVENS.


    We’re doing an artist and fanboy edition for you starving comic fans out there this week! First up is Dursin’s favorite artist Terry Moore with another instructional book, How to Draw - Beautiful. Step by step instructions to go from drawing stick figures to Toulouse-Lautrec dancing girls in weeks! … If you can draw a box, you are halfway to drawing a robot in disguise! That’s right, friends, IDW publishes a definitive guide to drawing Transformers in How To Draw Transformers - Prime. We wish we had this book as a kid! … Wrapping up this segment showcases one of the most dynamic artists in the business Humberto Ramos (Amazing Spider-Man). Humberto and Sam Humphries drop Fanboys vs. Zombies #1 for just a buck! Save your money for art supplies! … Supportive words and pictures this week from!


    Jonah Hex teams up with Amadeus Arkham to fight a giant bat to the death in All-Star Western #6! … Great movie ideas are being developed in comics every month, and we can only hope that a book called Nazi Zombies is being developed for film. … Avast, readers, you get what you pay for, and you didn’t pay for this solicitation of G.I. Joe A Real American Hero Annual #1! Will the LeaguePodcast weekly comic picks continue to ram boyhood soldier fantasies down your throat? The answer is yes!


    Bat Boy, Leonardo, Optimus, and Snake-Eyes had best have a great Dungeon Master to guide them through the second IDW crossover event, Infestation #2. Lovecraftian demons have invaded IDW once again, could Cobra’s dark experiments be behind it all, or are other evil machinations in place? … It’s 60 years after the oil has dried up, a massive recession has crippled the economy, and civil war has broken out! The ancestors of Navy Seals protect the city of New San Diego in Marksmen #5 from Image Comics. … We’re no strangers to crippling coffee addiction at Dig & The League. Can there ever be too much? New Yorker cartoonist Shannon Wheeler’s Too Much Coffee Man #2 is added to the increasingly impressive BOOM! Studios catalog. … Picks by LeaguePodcast.

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    Every comic is someone’s first, and we say start ‘em early! The Skrumps are animated Muppets in the Henson-verse making their full length comic book debut in Skrumps One Shot from Archaia. Mooch adopts an unusual pet that may make his life difficult in Skrumpland! … G.I. Joe Vol.2 #3 also makes for a great first comic for any young or old men out there! Come down from your star-spangled cupcake high as Zartan and Storm Shadow invade the Pit. … We’ve all got the friend that claims she could ‘kill a grizzly bear with just a knife if he timed the attack right’. Animal Planet Worlds Most Dangerous Animals is the book for her! Survival stories of animal attacks from bears, crocs, and lions will have you rabidly frothing at the mouth for the next issue! … Comic book picks from

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    The Amazon Princess, after nearly 70 years, succumbs to the latest fashion trend with jeggings! That’s right, in Wonder Woman HC Vol. 01 - Odyssey you’ll see Diana in a new, combat friendly costume designed by Jim Lee as she learns more about her past. Sorry about the TV pilot getting rejected, but we can’t see anyone replacing Linda Carter in our fantasies! … If Frank Cho can do anything, it is draw babes. Frank teams up with Doug Murray to release the 50 Girls 50 limited series from Image Comics. Solicits are nodding to Star Trek, as an all-girl crew discovers fantastic monsters and bizarre, new planets! … It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve mentioned vampires or Joss Whedon. Sorry about that! Big blonde Buffy bad boy Spike is heralded in Spike 100 Page Spectacular from IDW, showcasing moments like Spike crunching Weetabix into his pig’s blood ‘for texture’. Spike and Angel return back to Dark Horse Comics in 2011 for Buffy Season 9 continuity! Comic picks brought to you by